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Murry Burnham Game Calls Home Page

Murry Burnham
Murry Burnham

Murry and Hunter found there was a need for a call that had a new sound that would be easy to use and be even more effective than other calls. After several years of development and design the call is now ready and good enough to carry the Burnham name.
Murry says, "These are the best calls to come along in 40 years."

Murry's son, a life-long hunter and predator caller, has developed a new, patented, long range dual reed predator call. With two reeds, side-by-side, the call has more resonance, is louder and "makes more sound", than the single reed calls. These new calls give predator callers the edge they need to attract call shy and educated varmints.

Hunter Burnham
Hunter Burnham



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